About us

It is no secret that nowadays business has to be present online in order to be competitive and to attract new clients. However, in the modern world of IT-technologies simply having a website is no longer enough.

Mobile devices already dominate the total time internet users spend online. According to Yahoo’s Flurry analytics, 90% of consumer’s mobile time is spent in applications.

If a client wants to find or buy something online, chances are he will use a mobile application rather than a traditional website. Therefore, if a business doesn’t have a mobile app it is at risk of never being seen by a client.

Not so long ago developing and maintaining an application was a very time and money consuming task. You had to cooperate with designers and IT-specialists, pay for their services, spend plenty of time explaining what exactly you needed while the actual development of your app could  take months.

ExApp has radically changed the approach to this complex process. We have developed a mobile application builder platform. Now you can create your own unique application in just a few hours without resorting to the services of designers and programmers.

ExApp invites you to make a quick and easy step into the world of IT-technologies. Simple and financially accessible for any business!

ExApp- the name speaks for itself
The title has a profound meaning and comes from words Expedia (in Latin - easy, affordable), Expert and Application, which literally means easy, affordable, highly qualified and tech-savvy application.
We are a team for business
Exapp is led by an international team of specialists. The company offers its effective compensation plan and a product which is unique for every user.